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Bonds best woman

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From the anteroom for outdoor use: The actress Naomie Harris has the iconic supporting role of Miss Moneypenny reinvented itself - by the break with ingrained bond Tradtion.

© JENS GYARMATYReceptionist at the center: Miss Moneypenny is no longer what it once was, but what Bond would complain there?
Miss Moneypenny bears no desk uniform today. Am Kurfürstendamm the autumn wind whirls the leaves on which people wear down jackets - but Naomie Harris, the current Actress perhaps the most charming female supporting role in film history, looks as if it came straight from a three-week cruise in the Caribbean. Harris has for weeks on a promotional tour for the current 007-strip "Spectre"; this afternoon they will open an exhibition of the film at the KaDeWe. With cross-legged sitting it in strictly sealed-off business of the sponsor Omega and acts as relaxed as befits an Englishwoman at teatime. In her yellow dress she shines like the British Crown Jewels, the nose is fresh powdered, the upper arms are trained, razor sharp paragraphs of sandals.
Miss Moneypenny, the Naomie Harris has "Skyfall" already proven in the last Bond film, is today much more than just the coquettish typist, as they once in the anteroom of the intelligence chiefs M do paperwork and could make 007 occasionally beautiful eyes. After two films absence the secretary returned in "Skyfall" back - and was barely recognizable in the very first scene: as fearless co-agent chases as in SUVs by Istanbul and fires in between a few shots through the windshield. Not for nothing was considered Naomie Harris in "Skyfall" until the last scene of a Bond girl - the first Bond girl, mind you, that knows how to resist the seductive power of the traditional irresistible hero.

Harris wanted to embody always strong women

But who is sitting across from Harris, quickly realizes that she is with her iconic role as Miss Moneypenny more than satisfied. And as "Girl" they will certainly not be described as at all the entire female staff of the film series is due to a new title in their view. "I find the term, Bond girl 'demeaning. Monica (Bellucci) is 51, Léa (Seydoux) is 30, I will soon be 40. I think we deserve to be called women. It sounds more confident and stronger. "
Naomie Harris, born in London in 1976, had always wanted to play strong women. In the second and third installments of the Pirates saga "Pirates of the Caribbean" she embodies the role of quirky sea goddess Tia Dalma. In "Mandela - Long Walk to Freedom" she was seen in 2013 at the side of Idris Elba as Winnie Mandela. "My mother raised me alone and it made as a screenwriter career. She is very intelligent and capable. I always wanted to play roles that are genuine, self-confident women as they are. "

Miss Moneypenny shows mature

At the age of nine years, Naomie Harris joined for the first time on television.After school, she was accepted at the University of Cambridge, where they however never fit into the scheme properly: "I was a shy nerd. To date, it is not easy for me to stand in the limelight. I never wanted to be seen. . In fact, I am hiding behind my wheels "Even with Miss Moneypenny, they have little in common: While for outdoor use Ascended Agent prefer fearlessly put any danger, she was even a person who would rather go the tricky situations out of the way. "Only that I would definitely fall in love in James Bond," says Harris, laughing gleefully. "In this we are like us!"
Naomie Harris - The actress who Miss Moneypenny in the new James Bond movie "Spectre" talks in Berlin's KaDeWe Claire Beermann© JENS GYARMATYEnlargeM can ask: Naomi Harris in Berlin
It is indeed the highlight of their role that it never crosses the line into unprofessional. And in the new Bond movie "Spectre" is not to hope for the slightest rapprochement between 007 and Miss Moneypenny. On the contrary: "The figure has definitely evolved in, Spectre '" says Naomie Harris. "In, Skyfall 'was the new Miss Moneypenny something wet behind the ears. She wanted to be a mini-version of 007, but had to admit that they do not have what it takes to kill. In, Spectre 'it appears on the other hand much more mature and grounded. "

A woman as the next Bond actor?

In fact, reveals a modern image of women in the younger Bond films. It was always the women who accounted for more than pure action thriller from the agent series - although the shootings, beatings, and torture scenes in recent episodes have become more brutal. But the interplay of heroic gentleman, delightfully abysmal villains and the beautiful, intelligent and self-confident Bond women made every Bond film ever for highly entertaining social event."The women in the films have evolved in the real world as the women," says the co-producer Barbara Broccoli. It keeps the name "Bond Women" also appropriate. "Everything else would be old-fashioned."
Had Naomie Harris really liked to play a Bond licensed to seduce Lady?"Furthermore, I have not even thought about," she replies. "For me it is an incredible privilege, Miss Moneypenny given a completely new face, to be able to have reinvented." Surprisingly came their occupation already - what is in the public reception has every new 007-strip tradition, finally followed by the film series for decades diehard codes. Since any change yet at first skeptical: a blond Bond? My wife? Miss Moneypenny black? "Especially with the question of who the next James Bond to be, but you realize how pointless these discussions are," says Naomie Harris. "It's not a question of whether 007 has blond hair or black, or perhaps even a woman. It's about whether he or she brings the right qualities. "
A female bonding, it could really soon come to this? "I am a person who believes in principle that everything is possible," says Naomie Harris. The role of Agent 007 would actually tailor-made just for them. Would you like to be the first Miss Bond, Miss Moneypenny? Laughing. "No way!"

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