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2010: Video: Naomie Harris: Beautiful and sophisticated

Naomie Harris

Beautiful and sophisticated

The British actress started acting professionally when she was 9 years old and she has never stopped. Her secret? A strong inner balance attained thanks to meditation - See more at:

Naomie Harris.

Things to know
"I started acting professionally when I was 9 years old."

28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean, Miami vice, Small Island, Street Kings and After the Sunset.

At the moment

Main awards
"This year I won best Actress at the Royal Television Society Awards for my performance as Hortense in Small Island."

What's next
"The First Grader: a film set in Kenya about an 84 year old man who goes back to primary school to learn to read and write. It's a true story and I play the headmistress who teaches him."

Alternative projects
"Gyrotonics: a combo of yoga, pilates, Chi-gung and Tai chi."

"Flat, I'm all about comfort for the day, but at night it has to be heels."

"Lots, especially gold or silver bracelets."

Dark Brown.

Public style
Sexy and sophisticated.

Private style
Hippy and floaty.

Fashion tip
"Everyone looks great when they wear clothes they feel comfortable in, comfort is my style tip number one."

Good habits
Caring and gentle.

Bad habits
Worrying and biting my nails.

She loves

She hates
People who don't listen.

She is obsessed with
"Houses, my dream is to build my own one day."

Favorite dress
"A Blumarine white and silver sequined dress that I wore to the Miami Vice premiere."

Favorite city

Favorite music
R&B: old school as well as new.

Favorite food
Hearty stews and soups.

Favorite drink
"Hot water with a slice of lemon, I don't drink alcohol."

Favorite movie
The Sound of Music by Robert Wise.

Favorite book
Every day Zen by Charlotte Joko Beck.

Favorite places to shop
"I'm not a shopper and avoid it as much as possible, but on the rare occasion I do shop I like Selfridges as they have everything under one roof."

Favorite designers

Personal motto
Be kind.

Never leaves home without
"A book, I hate wasting time waiting, so always have a book to read in case I get stuck waiting somewhere."

Style icon
"Thandie Newton, I've never seen her have a bad style moment."

First thing in the morning
"I meditate."

Last thing before bed
"I meditate and give thanks for at least 5 things that have happened during the day."

6th September.


Current city

She said
"Be happy, be kind, be grateful. Life's too short to be anything else."
PUBLISHED: 06/30/2010 - 10:03
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