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Naomie Harris: I’m glad I didn’t bed Bond - The Sun

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Naomie Harris: I’m glad I didn’t bed Bond

Naomie Harris attends a photocall to unveil the new Skyfall Train at Kings Cross Station
Right on track ... Naomie at King's Cross on Saturday

NAOMIE Harris is happy that her character in the Bond movies won’t bed Daniel Craig – because she loves the sexual tension.

The actress, who plays the new Miss Moneypenny in record-breaking Skyfall, told The Sun: “I think every woman likes the idea of getting into bed with Daniel Craig but it’s nice to be different, because all the other girls jump into bed with him.
“For me, the most fun part of any relationship is before you jump into bed, and you have all that sexual chemistry and the ‘will they, won’t they?’
“I love all that. Playing on that is a lot of fun and it’s nice to keep it at that level.’
Although the stunning 36-year-old kept her clothes on in the movie, she did share a scene with a nearly-naked Daniel – and she was clearly impressed. She said: “I got to see him in a little towel, not entirely with his kit off. He’s even more buff in the flesh than on screen!
“He’s properly like James Bond. He does full days of filming – 15 or 16 hour days – and will then go and work out for two hours.”
The London-born star also revealed a different side to her beefy co-star.

Naomie Harris with Martini
Shaken not stirred ... Naomie enjoys a Bond-style Martini

She added: “The public perception of who Daniel is, and who he actually is, are quite different.
“He’s much more humorous than he appears in interviews. He really loves to send himself up and have a laugh with the group.”
Naomie was chatting aboard the newly unveiled Skyfall train– which takes its first public passengers today.
The London to Edinburgh East Coast service is decorated with the film’s artwork, including massive images of the stars’ faces.

Naomie Harris with Skyfall train
Fast track ... Naomie with Skyfall train

“It’s not every day you’re on a train with your face on the side,” said the excited actress.
“I brought my brother and stepdad along with their camera to record the moment and it was very exciting. A big moment in our family.”
Naomie – who will travel to LA for the Bond tribute at the Oscars next weekend – follows in the footsteps of previous Moneypenny’s Lois Maxwell and Samantha Bond.
And she says that being a Bond girl is “a real privilege.”
She said: “It’s a lot to live up to because you’re entering this incredibly small select band of highly talented and beautiful women so to be selected is a huge honour.

Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig in Skyfall
Close shave ... Naomie and Daniel in the sexually charged scene

And she reveals that she was sworn to secrecy over her new role when she was offered the part.
She said: “They told me at the third audition that I was going to be Miss Moneypenny. They said she is more than she seems, she has this twist and turn and then we discover she is Moneypenny. Then they told me not to tell anybody – and I took it so seriously I didn’t even tell my agent!
Despite Daniel Craig signing up for two more movies, Naomie claims she is still unsure that her character will return.
She said: “I don’t know what’s going to happen but I hope I’ll be back. I don’t really know what’s going on. It’s all very secretive. It’s like being part of MI6 for real.”
Skyfall is released on DVD and Blu-ray today.

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