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Sci-Fi Blast From The Past - Naomie Harris (The Tomorrow People)

Sci-Fi Blast From The Past - Naomie Harris (The Tomorrow People)

Actress Naomie Harris. Photo copyright of Universal Pictures.
In today's Sci-Fi Blast From The Past, the beautiful and talented Naomie Harris reveals how she first became involved in the 90's Sci-Fi Nickelodeon TV series The Tomorrow People.
Naomie Harris had just finished taking her G.C.E.s and was taking a break before going on to her A-levels when the opportunity came up for her to audition for a part in The Tomorrow People, an updated version of the 1970s series being developed by its original creator Roger Damon Price and produced by Thames Television and Tetra Films of Britain in association with America's Nickelodeon Television. "My mum's boyfriend, who is an assistant director, was being interviewed for a job on the series," she recalls. "He overheard that they were looking for someone who fit my description, so, he sent them a tape of me in a program that I had been shooting the summer before called Runaway Bay.
"They must have liked what they saw because they asked me to come in for an audition, which I did. In fact, I went in for three auditions. Each time there were loads of other girls there auditioning and I didn't really think I stood a chance of getting the part. After what seemed like forever, they sent the video they had taken of me over to America, got the OK from them and told me that I had the part!"
The Culex Experiment, the first episode of the second series of The Tomorrow People, marks the actress's debut as Ami. Kevin (Adam Pearce), a fellow Tomorrow Person,  witnesses a scientist being bitten by a mosquito and falling unconscious. The scientist is taken away on a motorcycle by two figures dressed in white jumpsuits and black helmets.  Before he can report what he has seen to his friends he also is bitten, setting off a chain of events in which the gifted youngsters must stop a scientist named Culex (Jean Marsh) from producing millions of these deadly insects.
"Ami is a bit of a tomboy," explains the actress. "She is also a whizkid on computers and loves a good adventure. She discovers that she is a Tomorrow Person when visiting her mother in hospital and has a flash of what had happened to the boy in the ward next door, without understanding why she feels drawn to the boy.
"She knows what had happened to him, who he is, and other details about him. Her insight into what had happened to Kevin makes the other Tomorrow People, Adam [Kristian Schmid] and Megabyte [Christian Tessier], realize that she must be one of them. After a lot of cajoling she finally allows them to take her back to their spaceship where she realizes once and for all she most definitely is a Tomorrow Person."
Steve Eramo
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Naomie Harris Will Wear This Year’s Design For ‘Red Carpet Green Dress’ at the Oscars

Bond Girl Naomie Harris Will Wear This Year’s Design For ‘Red Carpet Green Dress’- Created By Competition Winner Michael Badger And Vivienne Westwood

Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2013 - Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder of Red Carpet Green Dress, and Samata Angel, Global Campaign Director, are thrilled to announce that Naomie Harris will wear this year’s winning design on the red carpet at the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th.  “We are very excited to have Naomie aboard,” exclaims Amis Cameron.  “She’s a spirited, intelligent, gorgeous woman with a strong sense of moral responsibility, and I believe she will represent us well.”
Harris rocketed to international stardom opposite Daniel Craig with the November release of Skyfall, the most recent James Bond installment.  The London-born actress is certainly no stranger to blockbusters as she has occupied starring roles in Michael Mann’s Miami VicePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.  Since her first major breakthrough performance in 2002 with Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, she has appeared on the stage in Boyle’s London production of Frankenstein opposite Johnny Lee Miller and has received numerous awards, nominations and critical acclaim.  Next up for Harris is the Nelson Mandela biopic Long Walk To Freedom in which she stars as Mandela’s controversial second wife, Winnie.
“I’m thrilled to be representing Red Carpet Green Dress by wearing this beautiful design to the Oscars next month,” says Harris. “I look forward to meeting contest winner Michael Badger and working with Dame Vivienne Westwood and her couture team as part of this exciting project.”
Harris will wear a gown designed by Michael Badger, the Ghanian born fashion student at Atlanta’s Savannah College of Art & Design who was recently announced as the winner of this year’s competition.  Construction of the gown is set to begin promptly in Vivienne Westwood’s London-based studio where Badger will work alongside Westwood’s couturiers while being mentored by Vivienne directly through the creation of his design.
This year the campaign is collaborating with the Cradle To Cradle Products Innovation Institute, a non-profit organization that helps businesses create products that are safe for people and the environment through their globally recognized Certification Program.  Cradle To Cradle will ensure that this year’s design remains free of toxic chemicals and other negative environmental impacts by assessing it across the five following categories: material health, material reutilization, energy use, water stewardship, and social responsibility.  As a result, the gown’s level of “greenness” or “sustainability” will be made solidly quantifiable by receiving C2C Certification.
About Vivienne Westwood:
Vivienne Westwood began designing in 1971, and by the end of the 1970s, she was already considered a symbol of the British avant-garde.  For Autumn/Winter 1981, Westwood showed her first catwalk presentation in London.  In 1986, a radical change of direction moved Westwood away from street style and youth culture as she adopted more traditional Savile Row tailoring techniques.  Since then, Westwood has received numerous accolades, continues to show in Paris, Milan and London, and is one of the most influential fashion designers in the world today.  She uses the medium of her shows to talk about culture and politics, more specifically about the urgent need to act against climate change.

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Naomie in The 25 Hottest British Actresses of All Time - Complex magazine

The 25 Hottest British Actresses of All Time -Complex magazine

12. Naomie Harris

After breaking out internationally with Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, Naomie Harris nabbed the coveted role as Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall. Following that success, Harris will play Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela's wife in the upcoming biopic, Long Walk to Freedom. As long as she keeps her momentum going, Harris will be a familiar name to American audiences pretty soon.

Small Island - Character profile: Hortense Roberts (Naomie Harris)

Character profile: Hortense Roberts (Naomie Harris)

Character profile: Hortense Roberts (Naomie Harris)
Born out of wedlock in an illegitimate, but not loveless, liaison between her affluent Jamaican father and an illiterate farm girl, Hortense is brought up by her father’s cousin as playmate to his son, Michael. After Michael’s return from boarding school, Hortense realises her feelings for him are more than just fraternal.

A naturally proud and headstrong woman, Hortense has always kept her true parentage a secret. She also has a strong sense of her own destiny: to live in England with Michael and be a teacher there. When Michael is sent away to the war, Hortense instinctively fights to keep her dream alive and proposes to Gilbert, a man she hardly knows, but someone who will aid her passage to England. She arrives in a country which both surprises and disappoints her in its bleak and unfriendly ‘greyness’, but it is through this new life that she discovers a different side to her character and, for the first time, the meaning of true love.