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Naomie Harris: I want a baby

Naomie Harris: I want a baby

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Naomie Harris is "definitely" ready for a baby.

The 37-year-old actress had her breakthrough in 28 Days Later and has since landed her biggest role to date as Winnie Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Now she is in a comfortable position career wise, Naomie feels better equipped to have a child than she did 17 years ago.

"Age 20 I was so broody. I'd left home. I was studying at Cambridge. I wanted a child. I'm so glad I had a baby brother, because otherwise I'd have had a child at 20. He was the best form of contraception ever because I realised you've got to be seriously ready for a complete life overhaul," she admitted to Britain's Evening Standard Magazine.

"Babies suck energy and time, and you've got to be ready to give all of that up. I wasn't back then. I definitely feel ready now."

Even though she was happy to share her feelings about starting a family Naomie kept her lips sealed about whether she is currently in a relationship. She learnt a lesson about keeping her private life secret at a young age and believes people are more open to getting hurt if their romance is publicised.

"I was told very early on not to talk about relationships and I think it's great advice because it's all very well when things are going well. I've seen that with actresses, they've talked about how in love they are, how they're getting married," she explained.

"And it's so beautiful to read. But then it doesn't work out and you've got to answer all those questions about your personal life when it's still so raw for you."

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