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Women's Health EXCLUSIVE: 6 ways to live more holistically by Naomie Harris

One chat with James Bond's

Moneypenny AKA Naomie Harris and

you'll be copying her zen techniques

By Francesca Menato 
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The world of Naomie Harris is as fast-
paced and adrenaline fuelled as it gets. In
 fact, we wouldn't be surprised if 'drama 
was a non-negotiable in her film contracts 
(Spectre, Mandela - I think we've made
 our point). But to meet her you'd think it 
was all water off a ducks back.

We say that not as a nod to any arrogance
 or expectation, but more a sense of 
unflappable calm; Naomie is a 
actress and she looks after herself.

So how can you have a bit of
 Moneypenny's serenity? Once you've
 stolen her food and exercise diary, try these life
 lessons we picked out from our chat with the star.



I think everyone focuses a lot on do you
 exercise, but I think if you’re only having 
five hours sleep a night – then it doesn’t 
really matter.
You’re probably doing yourself a
 disservice. I think sleeping is
 incredibly important 
and specifcally good quality sleep.




We’re always talking about health but I
 think it's really important to remember
 actually health is much broader than just 
what we do with our bodies.

Our minds and our emotions, they 
exercise such incredible impacts on our 


It’s essential to be emotionally healthy
and clear up grievances with people - that 
kind of thing can be really taxing on you 
mentally and it ends up effecting you 
physically as well.



My morning ritual is a gratitude ritual and 
it’s my nighttime ritual as well.

I always say five things that I’m really 
grateful for: grateful for my health, 
grateful for my family, grateful to be
 working, to have had a safe night's 
sleeps; grateful for my bed.
I just try and have as much gratitude as
 possible, that’s incredibly important.



I am very, very grateful that I am playing
 Moneypenny and she is a new kickass, 
badass – out there going toe-to-toe with 

Moneypenny, that’s just so much better 
for me [than a conventional Bond girl].
I feel so much happier playing that kind 
of role and so much more comfortable 
playing that kind of role.



Being bullied at school was one of the
 greatest driving forces later in life - I was
 always thinking, "Right I’m going to show
 you, you tried to make me feel worthless 
and I’m going to show you I’m worth 
something and I’m going to make a 
success of my life."

Then I realised that that actually isn’t
 very healthy, because it’s coming from a 
negative place.
The bullies probably don’t care! I decided
 a long time ago that it wasn't very 
healthy and then I just let that go.

It was in my past and it’s over now and 
thank goodness, I don’t have to go to 
school anymore!

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Wome's Health EXCLUSIVE: Naomie Harris On James Bond, Gyrotonics & Her 'Freaky' Breakfast

EXCLUSIVE: Naomie Harris On James 

Bond, Gyrotonics & Her 'Freaky' 


One look at Naomie Harris as 

Moneypenny in Spectre and 

you'll notice 

she's not your usual James Bond girl - 

no surprise her food and fitness is a 

little bit different too

By Francesca Menato  Next article

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In case you missed the TV advert takeover - James Bond is back and there's a new breed of Bond girl in town, Moneypenny AKA Naomie Harris.
Not your usual arm-candy, she's a former agent and she's got some serious moves.
You just have to see her in Sony’s ‘Made for Bond’ campaign featuring Bond-esque technology - Sony RX100 IV camera and Xperia Z5 smartphone - to catch sight of her fitness prowess.
So, we caught up with her to pick her brain on what went into building her Bond body… turns out she had it already.


She explained: 'With the Made for Bond campaign it is a lot of action and a lot of running around.
'Generally you have to be fit as an actor because you just never know what you’re going to be required to do.
'So, I swim and I also practice gyrotonic – gyrotonic is a mixture of yogareformer pilates and tai chi.'

With a martial arts slant to her regular exercise, it's no surprise that she took to the combat scenes with ease. That said, it doesn't sound particularly easy…
'With Bond I had two months before we started filming and even then throughout the filming I was given a personal trainer who took me out five days a week doing kickboxing, circuit training, stunt training including driving and working with weapons.
'So that kind of thing – it’s in your body and you remember it.
'You have to be very agile as well, swinging bags at people, fighting off the baddies and so on – to make it look believable yes you’ve got to be fit.'
If you're starting to feel intimidated, she did assure us 'for the more dangerous things like jumping off roofs, I left that to the professionals.'

- FOOD -

When it comes to fuel, Naomie's not afraid to eat but if you're looking for sweet treats in her cupboards you'll be disappointed.
She steers clear of sugar, caffeine and alcohol and even breakfasts in a rather unconventional way.
Namoie told us: 'I have a massive breakfast. I have the weirdest breakfast ever, everyone is always really weirded out by my breakfast.
'Basically I don’t see any difference between breakfast and lunch. So I will have the same for lunch as I’d have for breakfast - I’ve had Shepherd’s pie in the morning. Or sometimes fried fish and vegetables.
'I thought I was a freak because everyone said, "you’re really weird", but then I went to Jamaica and it’s exactly the same.
'They have fried fish and plantain and callaloo and stews in the morning, and that’s normal. So it’s basically my roots! It’s in my genes.'

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