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Naomie Harris, star of boxing movie Southpaw, doesn’t actually like boxing

Naomie Harris, star of boxing movie Southpaw, doesn’t actually like boxing

Southpaw star Naomie Harris: 'Boxing is my worst nightmare'
Naomie plays a social worker in the Antoine Fuqua-directed film (Photograph by Nico and courtesy of The EDIT, NET-A-PORTER.com)
Naomie Harris, who appears in Jake Gyllenhaal’s boxing movie Southpaw, isn’t actually a fan of boxing.
Despite boxing being the focus of Southpaw, Harris has admitted to Net-A-Porter.com’s The EDIT that the sport reminds her of death.
Harris plays social worker Angela Rivera in the Antoine Fuqua-directed film, which tells the story of light-heavyweight boxing champion Billy Hope.
When asked if she’d ever go to a match, she said: ‘I’d never do that. You smell death in the air. That’s my worst possible nightmare.’
But the ‘passion and persuasion’ of director Fuqua convinced her to get on board.
Naomie Harris photographed by Nico, wearing sweater and pants by J.W.Anderson and shoes by Gucci. Photo courtesy of THE EDIT, NET-A-PORTER.com
Southpaw star Naomie Harris isn’t a fan of boxing (Photograph by Nico and courtesy of The EDIT, NET-A-PORTER.com)
‘Antoine called me. He was so passionate, so persuasive, that by the end of the call, I was like, “I’m getting on the plane to Pittsburgh and working with this man.”
‘I’m so glad I did. He pushes you really hard, but he shows he has faith you can do it. He makes actors feel valued and important, and creates an environment that is totally safe.
‘All those things mean you can and want to take risks. I had the best time.’Naomie is currently shooting the new James Bond film, Spectre, which is out November 6.
To see The Edit’s full interview with Naomie Harris go to www.net-a-porter.com or download the free EDIT app at the App Store.

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