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2013: Naomie Harris: Playing a Bond girl has boosted my confidence - Metro

Naomie Harris: Playing a Bond girl has boosted my confidence

Naomie: Playing a Bond girl boosted my confidence
Bond babe: Naomie Harris is glad to have fallen for 007 (Picture: Getty)
Skyfall actress Naomie Harris says playing a Bond girl helped her realise she ‘can’t be that much of a minger’.
The 37-year-old admits her self-esteem is lifted every time she thinks about her role as Eve Moneypenny in the recent instalment of the franchise.
‘I have to say, it does make me feel pretty darn good,’ she boasted.
‘When you get those moments when you feel, “Oh God, I look like such a minger today”, then you think, “I was cast as a Bond girl… you can’t really be that much of a minger, Naomie!”’
Meanwhile the British star admits she was ‘torn and conflicted’ about taking on the role of Nelson Mandela’s ex-wife Winne Mandela in the biopic, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.
‘From reading about her, I was formulating an idea of who she was. From talking to people I was formulating another idea. My director had a very strong idea about how he wanted her to be played… I felt really torn, conflicted,’ she confessed to Total Film.
But it wasn’t until she met the 77-year-old that she realised she had to take charge of the role herself.
‘I was scared and fascinated. I thought I would finally be able to put all these pieces together. But I didn’t. You can’t, especially with someone as complex as her,’ she told Total Film.
‘I asked how she wanted to be portrayed and she said, “you’ve done your research, you were chosen for this role, I trust you.” It allowed me to own it.’
Total Film is out now.

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2013: Bond actress Naomie Harris: I never went crazy for Daniel Craig – I was obsessed with Michael Jackson

Bond actress Naomie Harris: I never went crazy for Daniel Craig – I was obsessed with Michael Jackson

Bond actress Naomie Harris: I never went crazy for Daniel Craig
Naomie Harris (Picture: Getty)
Actress Naomie Harris, 36, was in Pirates Of The Caribbean and 28 Days Later. She starred in Skyfall as Moneypenny, for which she did her own stunt driving.
What was doing Skyfall like?
It was a dream come true – I never thought I’d be part of a Bond movie so it was a surreal experience. There was a lot of hard work. I’ve never had to be so fit and I had a personal trainer who kicked my butt five days a week and had to do combat training and stunt driving.
Did you keep up the training?
I promised myself I would – but I lasted a month. There’s an amazing shot the on-set photographer took of me hitting a bad guy in the head with a briefcase. I look ready to enter a bodybuilding competition. I’ve got that as evidence of how fit I got.
How was the stunt driving?
I had six car accidents before doing this film and I’m a much better driver now – they weren’t all my fault, two of them were when I was sitting in stationary traffic. The stunt driving was useful. When you learn to drive no one puts you in slippery road conditions and asks you to spin the car round – but driving in the worst possible conditions does improve your skills so nothing phases you when you’re driving on set.
Do you read articles about yourself?
No, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say about me because I have the opinions of my friends and family to go on. I love acting but everything surrounding it, like press, isn’t of interest to me.
Were ladies fainting all over the place when Daniel Craig was around?
They were – he’s so loved all around the world – women and men actually adore him. I can’t imagine what it must be like being him and getting that sort of adoration. I knew Daniel in a different context and he’s a lovely, down-to-earth man, so to interact with him at that level then see people getting hysterical about him was strange.
Have you ever been like that about anyone?
I was completely obsessed with Michael Jackson. I did a film called After The Sunset, which Brett Ratner directed. He was really good friends with Michael and he kept saying he was going to visit the set but he never did. It’s one of the great disappointments of my life.
What difference has Skyfall made to your career?
A big difference. There’s a lot more interest now. People in the industry who didn’t know my name before know who I am now. It hasn’t affected my personal life, I can still take the Tube and walk down
Oxford Street.
Other than Skyfall what’s had the biggest impact?
Pirates Of The Caribbean had a big impact but people didn’t really associate me with that role. Then, 28 Days Later was a huge one. Everything followed from that.
You started acting very young – did you ever consider doing anything else?
No, it’s always just been acting for me. I did a degree in social and political sciences at Cambridge because I was a child actress and looked too young for adult roles but too old for kid’s roles. I thought while I was maturing I’d go to university. I also didn’t want to look back and regret not going to university. I didn’t want to be considered a bimbo actress.
Long Walk To Freedom’s coming up. What was doing that like?
Harrowing. Playing Winnie Mandela, she went through a hell of lot, she had her children taken away from her, the love of her life was taken away from her – doing that every day was tough. I had two days between doing Bond and starting on that. You can’t portray the life of a woman like Winnie Mandela without being affected by it – you have to go to dark places and can’t be jolly on set every day.
Was it a relief to finish it?
A real relief. I could let go of her pain and anger. I don’t hate anyone and feel really thankful about that but a big part of what fuels Winnie is hatred, a big part of what fuelled the apartheid regime was hatred, so to explore that was tough and very draining.
Do you feel obliged to portray someone in a more flattering light after meeting them?
No, I’ve played living people before and had a problem with it but when I met Winnie I asked how she wanted people to see her and she told me to portray her as I saw fit.
Dawn French once told you to toughen up. What was that about?
I did corporate training films when I was at university and Dawn French did some too. I was very shy when I was younger and very softly spoken. Dawn just said: ‘If you want to survive in this industry you have to
develop a thick skin.’ It’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given.
What lesson has 25 years in showbiz taught you?
Anything’s possible. You can feel powerless as an actor but that’s not true – there’s a lot you can do to create work and demand.
Skyfall is out now on DVD and Blu-ray

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Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) Datastream and Biography at the Brilliant

Character: Eve Moneypenny
Actor: Naomie Harris
Movie: Skyfall
Status: Active
Appearance: Medium-tall with a slim figure; at peak fitness thanks to her time as a field agent; dresses conservatively, often in muted-coloured, well-fitted office dresses or blouses.
Date of Birth: 6th September 1976
Height: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
Place of Birth: London, UK

"Old dog, new tricks."
Pleased To Meet You

It is not known when Eve and James Bond first met - it is clear however that, prior to the failed Turkish data-recovery mission, they were both established field agents and therefore colleagues and that no formal introduction was made until after the "Skyfall" mission had concluded. After the Turkish mission goes sour, the pair next meet in Churchill's war bunker, as 007 pulls himself out of retirement to come to the aid of MI6 andM.
When Eve and Bond are formally introduced it is at MI6's new, less ostentatious, headquarters. Bond arrives for a briefing with M's successor, Gareth Mallory and Eve introduces herself as "Eve, Eve Moneypenny", newly appointed full-time secretary to M, having chosen to retire from field work permanently after the ordeal in Turkey.
An efficient and hard-working PA to Gareth Mallory, Eve's background as a field agent and sniper are put behind her, but not forgotten, when she assumes her office-bound role aiding MI6's new chief. She is naturally sharp-witted and ambitious, but not above some inuendo-charged banter with James Bond. The pair share a turbulent background with Moneypenny having come perilously close to ending 007's career on the failed mission in Turkey.
Curiously, Moneypenny showed little-to-no empathy for her misplaced bullet to 007's shoulder, but it is clear that she took on board Bond's retort that some people are better suited to fieldwork than others. She has since aided 007 on other missions, including patching things up with the old-school 00-agent with a rendezvous in Macau. It has never been made clear if the pair ever acted on their shameless flirting but rumour that a night in Macau consummated the relationship is, needless to say, pervasive office gossip.
BiographyNaomie Melanie Harris was born in Finsbury Park, London on 6th September 1976 to Lisselle Kayla, a Jamaican-born screenwriter. Harris was raised in the British capital and attended a local school before studying Pembroke College, Cambridge, for a social science degree. Beyond her studies Naomie found a passion for the dramatic arts and appeared in several local productions before attending Anna Scher Theatre School. Shunning her liberal arts degree, Harris took herself to Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, whose alumni include both Moneypennys, Samantha Bond and Caroline Bliss as well as Daniel Day-Lewis, Jeremy Northam, Miranda Richardson and many other famed British actors and actresses.

Eve: "You said it yourself, fieldwork's not for everyone."
Bond: "If it helps, I feel a lot safer.
In 2004 Harris teamed up with then-current 007 star Pierce Brosnan in Brett Ratner's "After the Sunset". The film was a light-hearted action comedy about a master thief (Brosnan) who attempts to find some peace and quiet in the Caribbean. Harris played local cop, Sophie, who assists FBI agent Stanley P Lloyd who is out to catch the thief. It was whilst promoting her 2010 biopic of the Kenyan activist Jane Obinchu, entitled "The First Grader", that news first broke that Harris was in talks to play an unknown role in James Bond 23 ("Skyfall"). Whilst the producers did everything they could to mask the fact that Eve would indeed make the transformation to become M's iconic secretary, the media continued to speculate wildly about the nature of Eve's character.

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